Fitness & Ecommerce: A match made in heaven

Ecommerce-based fitness companies are finding success and profits

Fitness is a great way to get your body whipped into shape, obviously. The internet is a great way to show off your body (especially social media), obviously. So it was only a matter of time before the two combined to be one powerhouse of an industry.

The last decade has seen a huge growth in the fitness industry. Is this millennials and Gen Z’s just wanting to be healthier? Or is it that everybody’s lives are constantly online so everybody wants to look their absolute best?

Well, experts say that it’s likely a mix of the two.

2020 Fitness Industry Statistics Show Growth

Millennials are expected to spend over $112,000 on fitness-related purchases over their entire lifetime. This is anything fitness related, from gym memberships and protein powder, to at-home setups and workout shoes.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the average fitness spending for millennials:

That’s A LOT of money compared to what previous generations spent on fitness-related purchases, even when you account for inflation.

There are over 162 million people that regularly attend some kind of gym or health club. For that figure, It could be a weight room, or it could be a Yoga studio -- just some kind of health club. Out of that 162 million people, 80% are either Millennials or Gen Z.

Because Millenials and Gen Z make up for such a disproportionate amount of web traffic and online activity, it only makes sense that the fitness industry would explode as if it were in the right place at the right time.

Fitness and Ecommerce: A recipe for success

With these two age groups dominating both the fitness industry and the internet, it was only a matter of time before the group that uses the web for, well, everything to start fulfilling their fitness needs as well.

About 10 years ago millennials' ages were right in the sweet spot -- old enough to have money, and young enough to not have that money tied up in “adult”-related expenditures. Consequently, 10 years ago is when the online-fitness industry really started to boom.

Over the last decade the technology behind online shopping has increased while costs associated with it have decreased. This caused even more fitness buffs to hop on the bandwagon that is the online-fitness industry. Even older generations, such as Baby Boomers, were starting to climb on board.

Why Is Fitness So Profitable Online?

In the age where the internet is everything, people can have the best intentions of living their best lives without having to leave their homes. And when they do leave their homes, everything can be pre-planned and pre-paid for all before they step foot out of the door.

It’s this internet reliance and ease of use, mixed with the fact that Millennials and Gen Z’ers are trying to both be healthy and look their best, which has created an amazing formula for success online. There are more factors at play though.

Here are some more reasons that fitness brands are finding success online:

Now Is The Time For Fitness To Be Online

At this point it’s painfully obvious that any fitness or health-related company that hasn’t established themselves online is missing out on tons of money that’s up for grabs in this multi-billion dollar per year industry.

Even if you are online, are you taking full advantage of everything that can be offered? Now’s the time to start. It’s not too late. The fitness industry is only expected to keep growing for the next few years to come.

Covid-19 and Coronavirus have put a small dent in the traditional gym club industry, but the true fitness geeks are finding ways to workout through the pandemic. There’s nowhere to go buy up from here!

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